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Message from the Editor

I remember the first time I held a copy of This Week in Palestine more than 15 years ago. I felt a mysterious connection to this magazine as a teenager, but I never could have imagined that one day I’d join in to be the magazine’s content editor.

Greetings to all TWiP readers.
My name is Ahmad Damen. In addition to being a passionate writer, I’m a soundtrack composer, oud player, and musician. I’ve also been trained and worked in the film industry for six years and directed two feature documentaries that enjoyed international success:

The Red Stone and Forbidden Pilgrimage.
I’m happy to introduce this as my first issue as editor of This Week in Palestine.

Being a writer and media professional, I am constantly following developments in media. The emergence of “social media” changed everything. Nowadays, the morning ritual of the Palestinian housewives’ gatherings “الصباحية” have become back-and-forth discussions on a “wall”, birthday wishes constantly beep on smartphones, and the (#) symbol has evolved to be much more than just a button on your mobile phone.

This issue of TWiP includes a variety of academics, businessmen, activists, and users offering their views and opinions on social media in general, and in Palestine specifically.

While there are many Palestinians who are very enthusiastic about social media, there are some reasons to proceed with caution. A single “Tweet,” for example, may become a decisive factor in job hiring or firing, or sparking a “revolution” or a “riot”.

We have seen some consequences in recent days in which Western journalists have been dismissed or reassigned to another country for Tweeting the true horror they have witnessed in Gaza.

The theme for this issue was determined months in advance, long before the current massacres in Gaza. It’s important to mention this so that our readers understand that TWiP absolutely did NOT choose social media as a way to join the spectators whose only expressions of resistance and empathy are clicking “Like” and “Retweet”. The tragedy is beyond what we can imagine-and it overshadows every page of this issue.

We will continue publishing and spreading the word about Palestine no matter how many times the Israeli soldiers raid on our small office. We will continue to be a magazine by Palestinians and for Palestine.
May all the innocent victims rest in peace!

Ahmad Damen

Content Editor

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