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Would Social Media Bring Freedom to Palestine? Saleem Alhabash, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Social Media Michigan State University
Iam a social scientist who is enthusiastic about the social media phenomenon and how it affects our lives. I use lab and field experiments to test what motivates people to share, like, and comment on social media posts and how e

Tell Your Story Today! By Jack Rabah
For thousands of years, humans have used narrative and stories to communicate. From people in the streets to prophets, stories were one of the most effective ways religion was preached to the masses. As I look back, I find that

Social Media, Cyberspace, and Palestinian Digital Identity By Dr. Ali Qleibo
Throughout Palestine, smart phones are ubiquitous. Here, there, and everywhere, Palestinian adolescents and a rising number of mature adults are seen alternately peering over their smart phones and thumbing the tiny keyboard, re

Why I Will Never Join Facebook By Dima Damen
"You can see it on Facebook,” a friend said when I asked for the photo of her newborn as I called to extend my congratulations. I felt somehow ashamed. How could I tell her that I do not have a Facebook account, or worse, that

Whoever Said Social Media Is Low-Cost? By Anan Abu Rmieleh
Since the emergence of social media, most businesses and organisations are going online, which has created a 24/7 online community. The Internet has already started to deplete traditional channels and has led the world into a ne

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